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1820 - First Settlers in Alexanderthal, Molotschna Colony, South Russia

Johann Kornelius and Kornelius David's Passports from Marienwerder were issued in June of 1819. In the Spring of 1820 two hundred fifty-four immigrant families from Marienwerder came to Molotschna.

Johann had sold his land but neither man had cash when they arrived that same year. They did have stock and other possessions. The local administration suggested providing both men financial aid at a sum of 589 rubles to build houses and buy more stock. Urry wrote, "Between 1800 and 1850 land prices in New Russia (includes Molotschna) increased tenfold, from 1.5 rubles per "desiatina" (2.7 acres) to 15 and 20 rubles."

Johann Kornelius and Kornelius David's families were two of about twenty that settled the village of Alexanderthal.

Johann Kornelius' daughter Eva died young but his sons Johann Johann and Heinrich Johann married and raised families on the family farm. Cornelius David's first wife died in Alexanderthal but he remarried and raised several children before he died there in 1884.

Johann Kornelius, his two sons and Cornelius David all died in Alexanderthal but the children emigrated to America. The first to emigrate was Cornelius David's son Cornelius W Duerksen (GRANDMA #5694) whose family arrived in New York on 3 Sep 1874 then went to Kansas.