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Dakota Dirksen and Kansas Duerksen Origins

Note: These two groups came from the same family in Europe, where their ancestral records spell the surname many ways. For unknown reasons the South Dakota group spelled it Dirksen and the Kansas group spelled it Duerksen. I use Duerksen for all ancestors of both groups. Mike Dirksen

When I met Cliff Wall in 1996 he had been studying his own ancestry for many years. He had discovered that his grandfather and my great-grandfather had homesteaded adjacent land in Brothersfield Township, Turner County, South Dakota. They had also both previously lived in the village of Alexanderthal in a Russian Mennonite Colony. We spent the next 15 years collaborating on a study of our ancestral family connections.

When Cliff died (2011) I put all our data into the Brothersfield Tree on ancestry.com.

Remembering Our Heritage

Clifford Orvan Wall (GRANDMA #484701)